Eye of God 4

by Jack Hertz


NOTE: This album has been re-released on the Acousmatique Recordings label as part of a new collection. Download the album now at: acousmatique.bandcamp.com/album/ear-of-god

Ear of God is the culmination of Jack Hertz's "Eye of God" modern musique concrete series. Now available are 40 tracks including all five releases in one collection with a bonus track. Jack into recordings composed from found sounds, field recordings and oscillators in the classic musique concrete style.


released August 24, 2013

Jack Hertz - inspiring, composing, editing, processing and mixing.

Thanks to the following people for naming the inspiration(s) for the mentioned tracks:

Marvin Ferguson: eh Hahahaha, MTAhem
Absurreal Fanzine: Smorse
Walter Lapchynski: Down the Gullet
I.V. Martinez: Mechanized Gods For Modified People



Jack Hertz San Francisco, California

Inspired by the mystery of life. I manipulate sound to create intangible techno-organic impressions between
music and noise.

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